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How to adapt to intelligent production of textile equipment?
[2018/1/22]   [1154]

[Textile Equipment]
Intelligent production

"For workers to do their job well, we must first make profits." For manufacturing enterprises, how to carry out better equipment management has become an important indicator of the level of enterprise management, production and development and market competitiveness.

Textile equipment management system
In the early 1980s, from the national and industrial levels, the establishment of a textile equipment management system was put forward and requirements for strengthening equipment management were put forward. The "Equipment Management System for Textile Industrial Enterprises" promulgated on August 22, 1988 and implemented on October 1 of that year laid a good foundation for equipment maintenance and repair in the textile industry.

After many years of development, the guidance of this "management system" can no longer be fully applied to the current advanced technology and equipment, especially the continuous, automated and intelligent production mode.

To this end, since 2013, China Textile Industry Federation launched a series of work to promote textile equipment management.

In order to apply to the production mode existing for quite some time, after a long and rigorous working process, on the afternoon of January 17, 2018, the seminar on "Guidelines for Equipment Management Evaluation in Textile Industry" organized by China National Textile and Apparel Council held in Zibo, Shandong Hold.

At the meeting, Sun Huibin, vice chairman of China National Textile and Apparel Council, said in his speech that the 19th Plenary Session of the Party proposed that our country's economic growth should shift from high-speed growth to high-quality growth. Therefore, in the future, macroeconomics will work hard from a high-quality development direction .

He said that in the past 2017, the operation of China's textile industry achieved a steady growth with two bright spots: one was the export and reversed the negative growth in the past two years; the other was the increase in corporate profits At 7%, reflecting the double development of high quality and efficiency in the industry.

He talked about the industry seeking high-quality development, we must first start from the quality of enterprise development, which includes the management of quality, production quality and many other aspects, and equipment management is undoubtedly the realization of high quality production and quality products necessary, therefore, at It is very meaningful to hold this meeting under the trend of high initial development of the industry.

Sun Huaibin also pointed out that the textile industry first proposed equipment management or in the 1980s, and developed a standard guide, but now, both in the industry equipment level or equipment structure have undergone tremendous changes, so the guidelines should be based on industry The status quo to adjust and improve with the times, which not only conforms to the current standardization of reform ideas, but also to adapt to the technical transformation of equipment and improve efficiency.

For manufacturing companies, equipment and staff are the most basic and important pillars. If you leave these two elements, you can not call it a business. In the past, both enterprises and entrepreneurs did not attach much importance to the management of equipment management. It is generally accepted that machines are relatively obedient, but in fact they are not. The machine is also life, personality, faulty, need long-term maintenance.

"Made in China 2025" is the future direction of our manufacturing industry, but also a banner. Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of this goal, smart devices is also the top priority.

To firmly grasp the intelligent mainly in two directions:

One is that at present, most of our equipment and equipment are still traditional and not intelligent. Make standards must be forward-looking and predictable, we must upgrade the equipment and industry management standards convergence. Inventory equipment, intelligent upgrade is a big trend, the core of intelligent manufacturing is the interconnection of intelligence and equipment, to be reflected in the standard. It is necessary to be realistic and yet forward-looking.

The second is intelligent device management. It should be managed by means of intelligence. In the past, mainly through manpower, we should manage equipment in the future and use advanced technology to manage it at a glance. And to the routine maintenance of equipment and fault diagnosis and exclusion, to achieve diagnosis, predictions, remote management, reduce costs and improve quality.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will strongly support the China Textile Association to carry out very valuable and meaningful basic work, which is to meet the current supply-side structural reform needs, for all businesses are beneficial.

At the keynote speech stage, Liu Tianfeng, director of Beijing Quality Supervision, Inspection and Training Center, talked about the confusion of the textile industry in the new era and new development with the theme of "equipment management under the new age and new development." For example, the largest output, but the product's Poor profitability; using the most advanced equipment in the world, but lacking good products; the world's largest output, but did not drive the overall equipment manufacturing. The root causes of the problems caused by these methods and deviations in equipment management are all these problems.

Liu Tianfeng said that for the manufacturing industry, the core of enterprise operations is that on the one hand the continuous improvement of design capabilities and on the other hand the continuous improvement of equipment capabilities.


He also talked about some common misunderstandings in the management of equipment in enterprises, such as the cost of equipment rather than investment; technological superiority is the core competitiveness.

In this regard, he proposed the eight principles of equipment management, that is, equipment management as an investment rather than the cost of running the enterprise; starting from 5S, do check, fix, TPM management model; ; Lean design: Lean production; Reflect the complementary effect of staff and equipment; Make equipment self-improvement; Information integration of the depth; Equipment management as the core of enterprise operations, continue to integrate technological superiority.
Today, our country's status and influence in the world are undergoing extensive and profound changes. China has become a rapidly growing and very active force in the world. Made in China has gradually become a "Created in China" ......

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