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Intelligent manufacturing has become a new round of transformation and upgrading of a breakthrough
[2018/1/22]   [1254]

The high automation and intelligent equipment make the textile industry become a member of the high-tech industry and provide a more effective solution for the industry to further attract talents and solve the bottlenecks such as recruitment difficulties. Admittedly, intelligence has become a trend and an irreversible trend. 2018 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition (ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018), there will be more with the advent of intelligent equipment on display, but also will bring greater impetus to the transformation and upgrading of the industry . The needs of business development, industry forward questions will find the answer at the show.

"Made in China 2025" pointed out that smart manufacturing will become the main direction of manufacturing in China. What is worth to be sure is that in recent years, China's textile industry has made gratifying achievements in smart manufacturing. With the completion of the digitization and intelligent spinning workshop for domestic famous textile enterprises such as Jiangsu Dasheng, Ningxia Wishful, Shandong Huaxing, Weiqiao Group and Texhong Textile, the automatic spinning gradually entered the daily production of textile people. Intelligent equipment can not only save labor, improve production efficiency, but also by virtue of reliable, stable product quality for enterprises to win more competitive advantage of the market.


Intelligent manufacturing is the trend of the times

With the continuous increase of labor cost, the textile enterprises are also increasingly in need of the automation and intelligence of equipment. In this context, intelligent manufacturing is becoming the breakthrough and focus of the industry's new round of transformation and upgrading.

It can be seen from the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 that the exhibiting equipment has been greatly improved both in terms of automation and intelligence. For example, the sizing machine exhibited at 2016 Textile Machinery Exhibition has extensively applied technologies such as internet technology, cloud technology and information processing technology to enhance the intelligence of equipment. Japan Tsudakoma not only display automation stand-alone, but also sizing, weaving process intelligent weaving workshop made a three-dimensional animation simulation show. For another example, the automatic weft insertion equipment, which attracts everyone's attention, has not only adopted a large number of non-contact optical detection technologies but also achieved the automatic unwinding of skein yarns, and also meets the requirements of complex techniques such as management of yarn dyed yarns, At the same time, it also improved man-machine interface and management software, which provided a good equipment foundation for the modern production and management of weaving workshop.

Lin Ziwu, a professor at Wuhan Textile University who visited 2016 Textile Machinery Exhibition, said when talking about his feelings that from this exhibition we can see that the development trend of spinning equipment in the future is clearer. It is that the process flow is shorter and the structure is modular And intelligent operation, control less and less artificial equipment, more and more cotton spinning production line in addition to the link, have achieved an integrated connection.

Miao Ding Shu, a senior engineer at Suzhou Textile Engineering Society, shared the same feeling. He believes that the refinement, intelligence, automation, low energy consumption, low carbon and environmental protection, resource-saving mode of production, and diversification of quality, quality, brand and variety are sustainable Mode of operation will become the future trend of development of textile machinery equipment. He introduced that from the textile machinery exhibition, it can be seen that the grade of spinning equipment has been greatly improved, showing the characteristics of "three noes", "one after another", "four modernizations" and "two lows". Specifically, "three noes" means "no volume, no joint, no shuttle"; "one continuous" means single continuous; four are "automated, intelligent, high- Low energy consumption, low failure ".


Intelligent is changing traditional production

In fact, smart technology is transforming the traditional textile industry, and some companies have begun to try intelligent parts of the manufacturing process. For example, on July 13, 2017, 30,000 full-process intelligent projects of Changji Yida Textile Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 56 million U.S. dollars were put into operation in Changji. Esquel textile modernized cotton spinning workshop relies on the most advanced intelligent transmission system to realize the whole process of automatic production from raw material to semi-finished products to finished yarns, which not only reduces the labor force by 2/3 in the production workshop, but also increases the production efficiency 3 times, the stability of product quality has also increased significantly.

Jiangsu Dasheng "cotton spinning workshop" intelligent host equipment, workshop environment intelligent monitoring system, intelligent logistics system, latitude and longitude E system has also been highly concerned about the industry counterparts. Enterprises in the digital workshop on the basis of increased investment in research and development for an early night to achieve "black light factory."

Another example, Ningxia wish value car workers with an iPad can see 10 cars, all the data can be sent to the iPad in real time, block workers sitting in the car can be completed joints, the workshop also reduced from the past 2000 to 180 people.

Although some companies do not have large-scale replacement or new automation equipment, but through key aspects of equipment upgrades, but also significantly improve product quality and production efficiency. Textile Co., Ltd. Shandong Nanshan worsted Fabric Design Technology Wang Enqing, said the company's existing stand-alone automation level is relatively high. In recent years, the company has introduced several automatic warping and reed machines that not only solve the problem of labor shortage, but also improve the production efficiency and ensure the product quality.


Intelligent manufacturing forward and thinking

To some extent, intelligent equipment to solve the problem of lack of employment, improve the competitiveness of China's textile industry. However, in the process of developing intelligent, there are indeed some problems, it is worth thinking and discussion of the industry.

On the one hand, many entrepreneurs believe that the current textile industry substitution machine is not a simple intelligent manufacturing, the real sense of intelligent manufacturing is based on big data to accurately calculate and judge instead of human decision-making, and machine replacement such investment for textile Whether the industry is worthwhile is questionable. A series of costs such as machine investment, maintenance and upgrading are not low. Whether textile enterprises can absorb such an expensive investment is also an issue that can not be ignored.

On the other hand, as a labor-intensive industry, on the one hand, intellectualization can boost local investment and promote industrial upgrading; on the other hand, it means that a large number of workers may lose their jobs. How to solve the contradiction between the two is worth further exploration.

For intelligent, the current government-led direction includes the following four points: the establishment of demonstration areas; improve the standard of intelligent manufacturing; promote intelligent manufacturing supplier alliance; the development of the Internet +, big data and artificial intelligence. At present, a total of 12 projects have been included in the "Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project" from 2015 to 2017 at the level of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 2016-2017, a total of 6 projects have been included Smart manufacturing integrated standardization project; 10 projects are included in the smart manufacturing new model applications. The six demonstration lines of intelligent production such as spinning, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, non-woven, knitting and garments proposed by the textile machinery industry are now in the embryonic form and have laid a solid foundation for the final realization of the "13th Five-Year Plan" period.

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