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The global energy transformation needs China's power
[2017/11/20]   [1175]

The world is at a "crossroads" of energy change. China has proved that economic growth and carbon emissions can be controlled in parallel

"China is a key factor at the Climate Change Conference in Bonn." "China put forward a" bridge plan "for this year's climate negotiations and set a leading position in global climate governance." "From 2014 onwards, energy consumption The total amount of carbon emissions caused no longer grows, thanks to the explosive growth of renewable energy in key countries such as China ... "A new round of climate change in the United Nations ended in Bonn, Germany, focusing on China's energy transition, praise The voice of China, which is driving the global climate governance process, is quite noticeable.
Research by international agencies also shows that China, which has stepped up energy transformation and achieved green development, has become the world leader in various indicators. The "Renewable Energy Market Report 2017" released recently by the International Energy Agency pointed out that in 2016, global solar photovoltaic capacity increased by 50%, of which China contributed more than half. More than 40% of the world's new renewable energy generation comes from China. In the next five years, China will remain the undisputed global leader in renewable energy growth.
Bright transcripts of a series of "world first": China is the world's largest producer and consumer of renewable energy, the largest investor of renewable energy, the largest producer and consumer of new energy vehicles in hydropower, wind power, Solar power installed capacity and the scale of nuclear power under construction, China ranks first in the world. Dai Si Pan, chief economist at British Petroleum Group, is feeling that China is leading the accelerated development of global renewable energy.
Understanding the "speed of China" that drives the energy revolution requires a longer-term perspective. As the German Economic Week commented, "Long-term plans make the Chinese look different, and they have long understood that smart strategists do not consider quarterly figures, but decades' figures." From building the ecological civilization As an important part of the "13th Five-Year Plan", taking green development as an important concept of the overall development of the relationship, China's determination to go green, low-carbon and sustainable development will remain unwavering.
At present, the world is at a "crossroads" of energy transformation. Energy development faces the dual tasks of promoting economic growth and tackling climate change. Interests and the environment, where the scales should be tilted, are problems that plague many countries. The traditional fossil energy industry chain such as oil and coal is complete, and it is imperative to move some people's cheese and even affect economic growth because of the transformation of the energy structure. The development of large quantities of renewable energy projects, high initial cost, long cycle cost recovery, the immature of some new technologies also limits the scale of development of renewable energy. To promote energy transformation means that great resistance and difficulties need to be overcome, leaving many countries discouraged.
The ideal into a reality, not only need to advance the field of vision, but also the need for sustained efforts. "Twenty years ago, all of us wanted someone to industrialize the production of solar panels to reduce costs, but then it was just a dream and China made that dream a reality." "Ten years ago, Europe and the United States There have also been opportunities to vigorously develop new energy sources, but they have missed a good opportunity. "In the face of the booming development of renewable energy in China, Western scholars heartily ponder the Chinese mobility, with strong national capabilities, governance capabilities and institutional advantages. China's energy revolution will not end without financing difficulties, will not stagnate because of the party's struggle, and will not go back because of the current gains and losses.
Green development is bringing more economic dividends to China. According to the International Renewable Energy Organization, China has 3.5 million jobs in the field of clean energy and is the country that has the most jobs in the field in the world. China's new investment in renewable energy will reach 2.5 trillion yuan in 2020, creating about 10 million jobs in the industry. Currently. China is a major exporter of clean energy, providing 2/3 of the world's solar panels and nearly half of the wind turbines. China's technological innovations have reduced the cost of building renewable energy and helped developing countries to develop a green economy. China has proved by practice that economic growth and controlling carbon emissions can go hand in hand. The scientific planning of energy development not only matches the path of economic restructuring and upgrading, but also fulfills China's commitment to reducing emissions to the world and demonstrates the role that big powers play.
The horn of global energy change has sounded, and China's pace of sustainable development is clear and clear. I believe in the future, China's wisdom as a China will bring more fresh wind to the world's energy transformation.

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